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Soap and Bath Bomb Making Kit

Soap and Bath Bomb Making Kit

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This innovation Authenticated Science Lab kit for kids is one of the best gifts for a child that loves crafts and science! The Soap and Bath Bomb Making Kit by Dan & Darci includes a beautifully illustrated learning guide so that any child can follow along. All the ingredients meet or exceed all safety standards and are 100% safe to put in your child's bath. With this kit, you can create soaps, bath bombs, and salt scrubs!

Kit includes: Citric acid, baking soda, Epsom salt, crystallized sea salt, 4 liquid colorings, 2 fragrances, baby oil, 8 soap wax blocks, glitter.
Tools: 3 teaspoons, 4 beakers, 10 pop sticks, pipette, 8 single-sided molds, ball mold, wooden spa spoon, salt scrub jar, surprise charms, gift bag, and stickers, learning guide. 
Recommended for ages 6+


Dan & Darci is focused on creating quality toys and science kits that are both entertaining and educational. They develop unique and interesting products for kids because they believe while kids love to grow and learn, they will do it best while they are having fun!

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