Our Story

Moose in the Barn was started by a family that wanted to bring home high quality, educational toys for their little kiddo. If you have ever been on a similar mission, you know it can be harder than what you initially anticipated. We found that many of our usual go-to stores carry mostly plastic, light up toys that just didn't fit our style. After talking to several other parents, we realized that we were not the only ones facing this challenge.

Fast forward to September 2021, we decided to open up our own little store and bring specially curated items to the families in our community. You will find that our collection is Montessori inspired, focusing on creating independence at a young age, as well as fostering growth at an individual pace. 

Our goal is to offer options that will help children develop fine and gross motor skills, teach them practical life abilities, and guide their journey of emotional growth. 

We look forward to bringing Moose in the Barn into your homes and are beyond grateful for your support of our small business. 

Welcome to the Moose Family - from Miko, the original Moose.


So how did the Moose end up in the Barn?

No clue. But we do know that all the other animals were so happy to see him. They were kind and welcoming and the Moose became part of the barn family.

We have all felt like a Moose in the Barn at one point or another. By raising our kids to be kind, loving, and inclusive, we are raising a generation that will change the world.