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Neon Tie Dye Fashion Kit

Neon Tie Dye Fashion Kit

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This Neon Tie Dye Fashion Kit from Doodle Hog is guaranteed to bring a bit of fun and color into your little one's life! Whether they’re in your hair or on your wrist, your scrunchies will POP with a little tie-dye! Your bandana will be on-point as a colorful headband, neck scarf, or face mask. Now you can sport your own custom designs by turning any natural fabric item into a unique and colorful piece! The set includes a Tie Dye Guide to teach you different techniques including Sic Stripes-Bruh, Spill the Tea Spirals, The Crumple-stiltskin, or Bull's Eye Oop. The non-toxic and fumeless color dyes let DIY creators of all ages get in on the trend. The no-mess squeeze bottles and gloves are easy for any size hand to use. Your dyed creations are washing machine safe so your designs will stay bright even after multiple washes. This is the perfect kit for young fashionistas! Tweens and preteens will love getting in on one of this year’s top trends, following along with our easy technique guide, and showing off all their unique creations.

The trendy colors include: Blue Ribbon Blue, Well Hello Yellow, and Peace Love Pink

Kit includes: 3 blank scrunchies, 1 blank bandana, 2 bags of soda ash, 3 pairs of gloves, 20 rubber bands, and an easy-to-follow dye technique guide.

Recommended for ages 12+



Doodle Hog is a team of fun loving, art loving people on a mission to draw, paint, cut, paste, weave, glitter, dye, and create joy! They focus on empowering kids and adults of all ages with kits and supplies to express themselves through arts and crafts. The company began with one mom’s idea to create a non-toxic, washable, easy-grip marker for her young kids. Soon, Dab and Dots were a hit with moms and teachers nationwide. With a focus on thoughtful, problem-solving, boredom-busting, and brain-building products, they have grown into four different Doodle Hog brands – Juniors, Makers, Artisan, and Gold.

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