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Clay Activity Kit: Foster Expression

Clay Activity Kit: Foster Expression

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This Clay Activity Kit from Open the Joy is guaranteed to bring fun and excitement to your little ones. It includes air dry clay which requires little to no adult participation, making it the perfect introduction to independent play. It truly helps develop a sense of personal creativity and style. Children can follow the easy step by step instructions or make something entirely from their own imagination! It includes 15 bright and vibrant colors that can also be mixed together for endless possibilities. The clay is easy to use and can be left out for 3 days to harden or re-sealed to reuse again. This kit also includes an eco-friendly sturdy suitcase that can store all your clay creations. No need to search for containers or have clay crumbs all over the house!

Kit includes: 15 tubes of clay in assorted colors, a step by step instruction booklet, and a sturdy case for storing creations.

Recommended for ages 4+



Open the Joy’s award-winning toys are created to foster emotional intelligence and support mental health through play. As a true pioneer in EQ toys, Open the Joy is setting new industry standards by making play purposeful and cultivating a sense of community in kids. Their products are built to bring children fun and entertainment while also providing therapeutic benefits. In their kits, you can find a variety of activities to do, from coloring and magic tricks, to fidget toys, talking cards and more. These items are all carefully designed to develop motor skills, reduce stress, build confidence, and provide bonding opportunities for families. Open the Joy has partnered with Spread the Joy Foundation, contributing to the free distribution of Joy Boxes to hospitalized children all over America.


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